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Best Tweets

Wow. Well, here we are. After almost 2 years of waiting, The X-Files is back on our tv screens and I don't think many of us expected where this episode would take us in the end. Instead of seeing how Scully saves the world, "My Struggle III" takes off from the place in the beginning of "My Struggle II" where Scully is in the basement office. Everything that happened from there on out in "My Struggle II" is actually a vision. The plague hasn't happened yet, Mulder is healthy, and they still have a chance to stop it before it starts. Scully's visions may be connected to their son, William. And yes, I choose to still say "their" son.

Mulder goes on a car chase, Scully checks out AMA, new members of the Syndicate are introduced, we witness a showdown between the CSM, Monica Reyes, and Skinner.....and then the bomb drops. I won't get into the horror of what happens in the end here. Most viewers weren't shy about voicing their anger about the plot twist but not everyone found that to be a misstep. I'll let everyone speak for themselves. Here are your best tweets.

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