"Hell Money" is one of those few episodes that actually doesn't qualify as an X-File for some, and that takes away from some of its charm. Still, some fan favorites fill the screen and so, here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchHMoney!



Yes. We know.

It is probably the worst. "Teso Dos Bichos" is entertaining in just how bad it is, according to your regular X-Phile. Despite that, here are your best tweets!


And so we've gotten to "Pusher." Anything we say will come short to the brilliance that Vince Gilligan infused in this episode. Here are your best tweets.



"Apocrypha" brings so much angst and emotional load for both our heroes and even Skinner. With some key elements for the mythology of the show, this is one of the favorite episodes for all X-Philes.

Here are your best tweets!


"Piper Maru" - an episode named after Gillian Anderson's daughter - is full of mythology intricacies and many doses of angst. Krycek is back and so, a lot of fodder for brilliant X-Phile commentary.

Here are your best tweets!



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