I'm not crying, you're crying! "TrustNo1" opens with arguably one of the most beautiful teasers of the series. A touching voiceover from Scully that explains her partnership with Mulder to their son, complete with an accompaniment of Tchaikovski's "Barcarolle," is guaranteed to make you wonder why it's raining on your face. Super soldiers and magnetite aside, the episode shows how much Mulder has been on Scully's mind, and that she misses him as much as the Rewatch Crew does. Here are your best tweets.



Season 9 takes a dip into the "comedic episode" pool with "Lord of the Flies." It starts off with a spoof called the "Dumbass Show" starring a young Aaron Paul and brings Glee's Jane Lynch into the mix as the tough-as-nails principal with a secret that "bugs" her. We meet Dr. Rocky Bronzino who continues the XF tradition of strange entomologists. And leave it to the Rewatch Crew to find pain even in what's supposed to be a light episode. In a misguided flirting attempt Rocky tells Scully "I've never had a partner before." She responds "I have." The crew found so many examples of that great partnership I may need to go find another drink. Here are your best tweets!



Two words. Polish sausage. Who knew meat could be so romantic? "4D" is such an emotional roller coaster. It starts with a terrifying crime, hits that sweet moment at Reyes' new apartment, then sends you screaming down the hill of feels as Reyes struggles to figure out what happened to "her" Doggett. Not to mention we get to see Scully open up and admit to seeing her father's spirit the night he died. And to top it off, Annabeth Gish joined the Rewatch Crew to answer questions and share thoughts. Here are your best tweets!



Reyes and Doggett have their first non-mythology case as the new X-Files duo and this one is about as creepy as they come. Nothing like a little demonic possession to get you started off on the right foot. And we've all got a serious case of "hot for teacher" when Scully heads back to the classroom in Quantico. Here are your best tweets from Daemonicus.



Now we know we have one more reason to hate Kersh. He was the one who told Mulder to leave. Doggett is kept alive by Supersoldier-slash-mermaid-slash-warrior-princesss Shannon McMahon, and Brad Follmer continues to be a silme ball. Scully continues to run remarkably well for someone who just had a baby. And what were they really doing on that ship? The Rewatch Crew sorts through "Nothing Important Happened Today Part 2" in today's best tweets.




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