The X-Files perfected the art of creepy children in back 1993, and they certainly brought it home in tonight's episode. "Invocation" definitely ranks up there for weird little kids. Check out the best tweets and exactly how creeped out all the Philes were from tonight's episode. (HINT: It was a lot.) 




Scully tries her hand at the new partner ditch, Doggett doesn't have much of a memory for mucous, and OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING?!!! You know you're watching The X-Files when you find yourself typing the phrase Holy Slug. Here are your best tweets from Vince Gilligan's horrifying "Roadrunners."



Agent Doggett gets his first taste of "Monster-of-the-Week" and what life is really like on The X-Files. Scully tries so hard to step into Mulder's shoes and does well, but who knew a slideshow could be so heartbreaking? And maybe we just won't talk about the nameplate....

Here are your best tweets from "Patience."



The X-Files division officially gets a new agent and the search for Mulder ends up so close and yet so far away. And maybe we won't talk about how Scully fares in this episode. Ouch. Here are your best tweets from "Without."



Season 8 is here and starts not with a bang but a splash. Agent Doggett finds himself on the receiving end of Scully's wrath, and a lot of the Philes' as well. But if The X-Files teaches us anything it's that nothing is ever what it seems at first glance, and that includes the newly introduced John Doggett. Here are your best tweets from "Within."




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