This week’s chosen artist is Josaid Bracho from Venezuela. Josaid is the person behind the rewatch posters that you see floating around on Twitter. You can check out her work through her Tumblr, DeviantArt and Twitter


Here's a little about Josaid:


1. When did you become an X-Phile?

I think it was between 1993 and 1994. I was lucky enough to have a special access to a TV signal that belonged to some company (not illegally, just lucky >.<), and as an eleven-year-old girl, I just watched a LOT of TV. I fell in love with the series since the first time I watched an episode, even being a native Spanish speaker and not able to understand anything. Nothing, not even a word of what they were saying. I started recording on VHS, and activating the closed caption I started writing down the dialogues and using a dictionary. I learned a lot thanks to The X-Files. Sometimes when my parents asked me about being able to understand what I was watching, I used to say “I was born to see this” but in Spanish XD.


2. What is the first episode you watched?

To be honest, I truly don't remember which one, sometimes my memory tricks me showing flashbacks of the Pilot XD; but I'm not sure, let’s say it's an episode from the first three seasons. I have a "funny" story about the time I had no satellite TV or cable, I thought that the 3rd season finale was THE END, I mean that X-Files only had three seasons and I started to rewatch my VHS tapes all over again, but by the end of 1998 when I came out of my hole and rediscovered the world I felt so blessed that there were more X-Files episodes and even a MOVIE! I became the happiest person in the universe.

3. What are you looking forward to seeing in the revival?

Sex!... No wait sorry; I'm a red bone shipper and I'll be glad with Mulder and Scully loving each other even if the world is falling apart; but I guess we'll have a lot of angst. I hope to see William, Scully deserves to be a mother so much, she loves like a mother and needs her son! I'm also a lover of the mythology arc, the conspiracy, the colonization! How did we survived the invasion? I want to know! And monsters for sure! I don't want to sound like a conformist, but I’ll sure be glad to have them together and solving those cases!


adriannaThis week's chosen artist is Adrianna Ojrzanowska from Warsaw, Poland. Adrianna is a self-taught artist and is currently studying Architecture. She does custom work as well, so if you're interested in ordering her work, send her a message on any of her social media platforms: Tumblr, DeviantArt or Facebook

Here's a little about Adrianna:

aprilpiccarretaThis week's chosen artist is April Piccarreta from Arizona. April works with painting and crochet, but her primary medium is drawing. You can find April and view her work on her website and through her Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Here's a little about April:

xfilesbabyThis week's chosen artist is Milly Packham from South West England. Milly is doing a giveaway of her X-Files typography work on Tumblr (you still have time to win!). She decided to give away her work to a fan from anywhere in the world after she reached 1,000 followers. Time is running out, she will pick a winner on August 18th. You can find Milly and her work on her Tumblr. 

Here's a little bit about Milly:


arcadiaThis week's chosen artist is J.J. Lendl from Pittsburgh. Lendl is the graphic designer brains behind The X-Files Poster Project on Tumblr, in which he creates a theatrical type poster for one episode each day. You can find J.J. and his work on Instagram, and you can also purchase prints of most of his posters on his website

Here's a little bit about J.J.:


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