This week's author spotlight shines on leiascully. She's the author of many works and recently has received much-deserved fan acclaim for her pre-revival series "Visitor" and "Resident." "Visitor" is told from Mulder's point of view as he's trying to put his life back together after he and Scully have broken up. It's a wonderful journey inside Mulder's head and was one of my favorite reads while waiting for Season 10. In "Resident" we hear Scully's side of the story. "Resident" is still a work in progress, and if you haven't read either series you're in for a treat when you start. But these are just two of many great works created by leiascully over the years. 

We talked with leiascully about writing, her process, and what brought her to The X-Files.

If you normally look for a fan artist on Wednesdays, we're changing things up a little! Allow us to introduce FanWorks Wednesdays. We'll continue to share amazing fan art from the Phile community, but now we'll be featuring fanfiction authors as well. This week's author is ScullyLikesScience. She's the author of "He is the Master of His Fate, She is the Captain of Her Soul" or "MasterCaptain" as fans call it. The story's summary on Archive of Our Own says: "Story begins during the final events of “The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati.” It then chronicles a canon-compliant progression of Mulder and Scully's relationship throughout Season 7, including the beginning of their love affair, and on through Seasons 8 & 9. The story will conclude post-IWTB, and may or may not incorporate Season 10 storylines."  So far this epic work has 148 chapters if you're looking for a longer story to dive into.

We talked with ScullyLikesScience about writing and how she got into The X-Files.


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