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Quick! Name the first fanvid you ever saw. Can you? If you're lucky, like me, the first fanvid you ever saw was a good one and it got you started down a rabbit hole you've yet to emerge from. For me, it was "Injection" by Fox Estacado and it wasn't just good, it was amazing. I stumbled across it on MySpace and from that moment on, I was obsessed. So much so, that after I had replayed the vid 500 or so times, it sent me on an X-Files rewatch that to this day, hasn't really ended.

Hop onto the feels train and enjoy this new vid from Andrea Marie. "When Dana Scully and Fox Mulder met for the first time in a basement office of the J. Edgar Hoover building on March 6, 1992, they knew that through good times and bad they would be together forever." Andrea explores that in her lastest vid.

10ansIt seems like yesterday when all of this started, yet it has been twenty-four years since The X-Files premiered, and now… ten years since X-Files News opened its’ doors to so many of us.

From the very first iteration of our website, to the excitement building up to IWTB, the campaigns and productions, the trips and fan reunions, the conventions, the Q&A’s with cast and crew, and then the return of the show to the small screen… It’s been wild, it’s been unique, it’s been incredibly rewarding.

We’ve been blessed with fictional and real role models that have inspired careers, promoted change, and created friendships and families all over the world.

This amazing experience continues to grow and transform; it’s a labor of love for everyone that has ever been involved in the many arenas that we’ve covered over time. With new generations joining our beloved fandom, we hope to adapt to changing times, always welcoming and promoting the best of this community. X-Philes are the best fandom for a reason, and we’re privileged to have served you for so many years.

We want to thank every single one of you that have walked this road with us: to the ever gracious, talented and selfless members of the cast and crew of the show, that entertained and welcomed so many crazy ideas and the tenacious hunger for more. To 20th Century Fox, for trusting us and daring to believe with us. Thanks to our families for understanding that this quest is a lifestyle. Thanks to the fans, because without you, we wouldn’t have a reason to exist.

Here’s to many more trips around the sun, filled with the excitement of the unique experience of being a fan of The X-Files.


KatrinDepp never fails to deliver. This week we chose one of her most recent and certainly one of her best. "Touchstone" has it all: action, adventure, angsty goodness. Released for the 22nd anniversary of The X-Files in the heat of anticipation for the return, Katrin captured everything we love about the show with an abundance of style and flair. The music is upbeat, the editing is flawless and the voiceovers are picked for maximum impact.


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