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We’re sure that you’ve been diligently following all the new X-Files comic book releases that 2013 and 2014 brought us, The X-Files: Season 10 and the most recent The X-Files: Conspiracy crossover have been out and about for the enjoyment of everyone and giving us a lot to talk about.

But what is almost unknown is that there is one more treat coming to us this spring, one that had been stashed away for quite a while. Enter The X-Files Annual 2014.


Now that you've probably had the time to read about a dozen times the first issue of the new X-Files comics, we'd like to give you a peek into the man behind the illustrations of "Believers."


Michael Walsh is a comic artist and illustrator, and based on his Tumblr, he's "best known for drawing the upcoming Image/Shadowline mini-series COMEBACK. His other work includes the Shuster nominated webcomic MURDERBOOK, BROTHERS JAMES (215 Ink), and the prequel comic for the popular Showcase television show CONTINUUM. But those aren't his only works. He's been very busy, among other things, bringing Mulder and Scully back to life with the news series of X-Files comics that just begun its run this past Wednesday.




This year is the year of The X-Files. Many appearances, interviews and celebrations have been set up to celebrate our favorite show. And what’s best than a brief conversation with the father of it all, Mr. Chris Carter himself?

A couple of months ago, we approached him on the eve of many an event planned to honor the 20th anniversary of the show and we were able to ask him a few questions about his experience as the creator of such iconic television show.

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X-Files News had the pleasure to talk to Carlos Valenzuela, one of the artists comissioned to draw the newest installment of The X-Files comic books.

Valenzuela, a professional illustrator and comic book artist from Chile, has worked for several companies in the entertainment industry, like Fantasy Flight Games, Pyranha Bytes, SQP Publishing, Under The Floorboards, Ballistic Publishing, IDW Ltd, just to name a few.

XFN: How did you get into the business of illustrating?

"I always wanted to enter the world of illustration. My artistic influences are mainly from classic illustrators like Frazetta, Corben, Wrightson, Moebius, Elvgren, etc. and thanks to some online communities like DeviantArt or CGSociety I was able to show my first works. Also, I work for a couple of years being represented by an US agency. With them I did almost illustration work, from book covers, card games, to posters and comic book covers.

Right now, I work mainly as an illustrator, but with some comic book works from time to time, like the upcoming Mars Attacks story from IDW."




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