xxfileslogoWhile we wait for news of Season 11, podcasts are a great way to keep The X-Files fires burning. We've shared updates from two of our favorites, X-Philes Talk X-Files and Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast and now we’d like to introduce you to another, but with a twist.

The XX-Files Podcast is produced by two women who say they aren’t necessarily fans of the show, more like critics. Their revival episodes especially don’t pull any punches. So if you’ve been looking for a place to vent frustrations, this may be the show for you. It’s a no-holds-barred, not for the faint of heart, explicit language kind of podcast. Sound like your cup of tea? Meet the creators after the jump.





Creators Courtney and Alison have been working together creatively in Vancouver, Canada, since 2010. Alison is the skeptic of the duo and has a background in anthropology and an interest in forensics. Scully would approve. She now works in the animation industry. Courtney is the believer and is a humanities teacher at a local high school. She also appears in local comedy shows. When they’re not podcasting, Alison and Courtney collaborate on comedy writing.

Their experience with The X-Files was fairly limited compared to many fans. When they decided to start the podcast, Alison had just finished Season One and Courtney had only seen the show when she was 10. The monsters were frightening enough that she says she “lived in a very real fear” of the series after that. They were approached by Thunderquack Podcast Network to pitch a show and Alison’s recent exposure to The X-Files inspired them to launch The XX-Files.

While the podcast can be critical of the series, Courtney shares why there’s fun in that. “Unlike a lot of podcasts, we are more critics than fans of The X-Files (as seen in our Revival episodes), but I think that's the joy in it. The other fun part is we never know what's going to happen next in the series - our guesses, experiences, and critiques are 100% real. We also put a large element of improvisational bits into our podcast (as that's my background), and really carve the world of The X-Files into our own.” She also says that now that they're getting into the second season their love for the characters is growing. They say they're "utterly devoted" to Scully, have a "grudging respect" for Mulder and they've built a love for Skinner as well.

You can also expect to hear news stories about things supernatural, paranormal, and cryptozoological in the “Personal X-Files” segment. Alison and Courtney also read listener mail and “encourage listeners to send in their own spooky stories, news articles, or even to correct our very spotty knowledge of The X-Files.”

A new season of the podcast kicks off today and you can find the episode "Little Green Men" here. We’ll be sharing episodes every Tuesday. To get caught up on earlier episodes, including thoughts from Season One and Season 10, head to their website doublexfiles.com. They also share sneak peeks each week here. You can find the show on social media on Facebook, on Twitter @doublexfiles, and on Tumblr. Or reach out This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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