Dear Future X-Phile:

Thanks for giving this new show a chance. We know you'll love The X-Files, you won't regret it. We trust that you've read our initial message to you, and now that you've decided to be part of this road, it's up to you to investigate it. Why do people love The X-Files?

We'll give you a few clues; check back here for new messages throughout the day, from Cast & Crew of the show, as they celebrate twenty years of epic stories and experiences.




9:00 pm - Chris Carter

8:30 pm - Frank Spotnitz

8:20 pm - Gillian Anderson

7:40 pm - Annabeth Gish

7:00 pm - Robert Patrick

6:40 pm - Mark Snow

6:20 pm - Laurie Holden

6:10 pm - Bruce Harwood

5:40 pm - Sheila Larken

4:00 pm - Dean Haglund

11:00 am - Michelle MacLaren



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