The X-Files could add more awards to its long list of accolades. The Saturn Awards released their nominations for their 44th annual ceremony and Season 11 made the list. The X-Files was nominated for Best Sci-Fi series. It has some tough competition in the category and is up against The 100, Colony, Doctor Who, The Expanse, The Orville, and Salvation. Gillian Anderson also received a nomination for Best Actress on a Television Series. 

Other projects involving X-Files alumni received nominations as well. Vince Gilligan's Better Call Saul was nominated for Best Action/Thriller Series on Television. American Gods, which Gillian Anderson guest starred on, received a nomination for Best Fantasy Television Series, and Twin Peaks: The Return, was nominated for Best Television Presentation. David Duchovny returned to his role as Denise Bryson on that series when it aired last summer.

The Saturn Awards honor outstanding work in the genres of science fiction, horror, and fantasy. The ceremony will be held in June but a date has not been set yet, so check back for updates. Check out the full list of nominees here.


If you couldn't make it to X-Fest 2018 in Illinois, we've got you covered!

During the event on March 3rd, 2018, fans were treated to five different actor panels throughout the day. First, we heard from some of your favorite freaks in the "Monsters of the Week" panel: Steve Railsback, Nick Chinlund, Tom Noonan, and Robert Wisden kept the audience laughing. Up next were Sabrina and Erika Krievins, from Season 1's "Eve." They've both moved on from acting, but shared stories about their time on the X-Files set and how they dealt with fame at a young age. 

Brian Thompson, the famous Alien Bounty Hunter, shared a story about how a fight over his haircut may have expanded his role on the series, from a one-time part to recurring character. The "Trust Someone" panel featured two of Mulder's informants: Jerry Hardin as "Deep Throat" and Steven Williams as "Mr. X." For as intimidating as Mr. X always was, Williams had the audience cracking up over how he learned about his character's end. Jerry Hardin shared a great story about his surprise over a particular age group that wanted his autograph.

The day wrapped up with a panel with "Series Regulars": Annabeth Gish, William B. Davis, and Mitch Pileggi. Some of the highlights included Mitch and William's reaction to the paternity bombshell that was dropped in "My Struggle III," as well as Annabeth's thoughts about Monica's turn to the "dark side." All three shared some lovely memories of their work with Director Kim Manners who passed away in 2009.

We have highlights from all 5 panels below, as well has the full Periscope feed of the "Series Regulars" panel. And for photos from through out the day head here.

The end is almost here as FOX has released the promo photos for "My Struggle IV," the final episode of Season 11. If you weren't already overwhelmed with feels from the trailer that dropped earlier this afternoon, we're here to add a little more fuel to that pain fire.

"My Struggle IV" airs on March 21, 2018. Scully and Mulder are rushing to find their son while the Cigarette Smoking Man pushes forward with his evil plans. The episode guest stars Miles Robbins, Annabeth Gish, Joel McHale, and Barbara Hershey. Check out the photos in the gallery below.

Take me to church.


FOX has just released the new trailer for the final two episodes of The X-Files. The promo contains footage from both "Nothing Lasts Forever" and "My Struggle IV." Check out the video below and the screen caps below that. 

We're in the final stretch here, Philes. Spoilers ahead. 


X-Philes from all over the world descended on La Salle, Illinois, on March 3rd for X-Fest, a celebration in honor of 25 years of The X-Files. The small venue outside Chicago hosted one of the largest gatherings of X-Files actors since the Expos we remember from the 90s.

Fans had a chance to meet with Karin Konoval (Ma Peacock, Judy & Chuck Poundstone), Erika and Sabrina Krievins (Eves), Annabeth Gish, Mitch Pileggi, Nicholas Lea, Steve Railsback (Duane Barry), Megan Leitch (Samantha Mulder), Robert Wisden (John Patrick Modell), Tom Noonan (John Lee Roche), Jerry Hardin (Deep Throat), Steven Williams (X), Michael Berryman (Owen Lee Jarvis), Brian Thompson (Alien Bounty Hunter), William B. Davis, Nick Chinlund (Donnie Pfaster), and Doug Hutchinson (Eugene Victor Tooms). 


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