The trailer for Shadow Dancer has hit YouTube! The film stars Clive Owen, Andrea Riseborough, and Gillian Anderson.

Shadow Dancer will be in theaters on August 24th.


 The Fall, starring Gillian Anderson, may premiere as early as October on BBC2 in the UK with BBC America eyeing the series to possibly premiere it in the U.S. several weeks later. TV Wise sources have said that Gillian is 'great' in this series and that The Fall is the standout series of the season alongside Frank Spotnitz' Hunted.

The Fall is currently filming in Belfast until June.

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The eagerly anticipated premiere of Frank Spotnitz' Hunted (aka Morton/aka Nemesis) is slated for the fall. The big question is, when? According to TV Wise, BBC is eying a mid September premiere while Cinemax believes the series may not premiere until October.

This makes two fall premieres for X-Files alum as The Fall, starring Gillian Anderson, is likely to premiere in October.

In the meantime, for those of you that have the Cinemax package on your cable feeds, the first Hunted promo will air right before Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes TOMORROW Saturday night, June 2nd.

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James Poniewozik at Time Magazine published on their Tune In section a review for Robert Patrick's latest project, Last Resort. Among other things to be said about the newest action/drama series, we thought it was worth mentioning what were Poniewozik's first impressions after watching the pilot of the show:

This is how a pilot should work. Last Resort’s first hour may not be a tour de force like, say, the opening of Lost, but it does a lot in a little time. It establishes a snappy voice and the dynamic among Chaplin and his crew (including Felicity’s Scott Speedman as his second-in-command). It sets up secondary lines of tension among characters such as a new female lieutenant (Daisy Betts) trying to assert her authority among the skeptical old boys (including Robert Patrick as an old-school master chief). It hints at 24-style intrigue back home in Washington, and builds to a tense climax that not only establishes Chaplin as a stand-up guy, but complicates him by suggesting he has a bit of a messianic streak. And it does this without letting plot crowd out the characters, as creator Shawn Ryan did in his textbook pilot for The Shield.

To read more about the show be sure to head over to their article at Time Magazine.

Thanks to the guys at Anderson Daily and X-Files Episodes, we've collected a few snaps of Gillian Anderson on the set of The Fall.

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