As he notified through his blog, Frank Spotnitz will be signing autographs after the TV panel for Hunted at the London Film & Comic Con. Sorry folks, he can only there on Sunday.

Thanks to Bertha Chin and Bethan Jones for providing us with these great tidbits of what the conversation included!  They're having fun at London Film and Comic Con, and they'll be bringing more material when possible. Here are some of the important things they had to say at the Mitch Pileggi and Nick Lea panel.

  • "Mitch answering the door with his short off everytime." - Nick Lea
  • "I got punched so many times on the show I can't even remember now which ne is which." - Nick Lea
  • How do you feel about people coming from all over the world to see you considering show ended 20 yrs ago? Nick Lea & Mitch Pileggi: Lucky to be part of the show which is part of history. Amazing to be a part of something that lasts.
  • Mitch's 14 yr old daughter just started watching the show.
  • Mitch to Gillian in the Green Room: "Can you please just call me sir one more time?" He says that Skinner had a massive crush on Scully.
  • Mitch on Gillian: (Joking) "Hate her. Speak American!!"
  • Passion and creativity drive the show early on when Fox didn't give them so much money. - Nick Lea
  • Writers didn't spoon feed audience. You're allowed to come to your own conclusions. The X-Files didn't pander to anybody and it succeeded becase it was smart and made its fans think. - Mitch Pileggi ‪
  • Great to have a shorthand with Rob and Kim because we're all such great friends. They're like big kids. - Mitch Pileggi ‪
  • Nick's Fav directors - Kim Manners and Rob Bowman!
  • X-Files didn't pander to any specific demographics, and that's what makes it great. - Nick Lea 

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The premiere of the movie is just three short months away, on September 7th, 2012!

Robert Patrick is part of this thrilling period piece based on a true story. Set in Los Angeles, 1949, Gangster Squad follows the reckless gangster boss Mickey Cohen, played by Sean Penn. Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling are part of the secret LAPD crew that fights to free Los Angeles from the hands of the mob. Emma Stone and Nick Nolte are also part of the star studded cast. Be sure to check out the trailer below!

The author of this article would like to state that she's incredibly jealous of all of you lucky peeps that get to go to London Film & Comic Con!

With a fantastic list of talks, auctions and photo opportunities, LFCC has confirmed the final schedule that includes appearances by Frank Spotnitz, Gillian Anderson, Nick Lea, Adam Baldwin and Mitch Pileggi.

The most recent addition to the calendar is the exclusive TV panel with Frank Spotnitz and Melissa George, where they'll show never-seen-before footage of their upcoming and very anticipated BBC/Cinemax series Hunted.

London Film & Comic Con takes place in London from July 6th to July 8th. For the full talk/photo schedule, head here.


Gillian Anderson granted a great interview to Voyager Magazine. You can read the whole article and see some of the pictures if you head over to her official website.












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