To no one's surprise here, the enigmatic Dana Scully has been named in's list of 25 Kick-Ass TV Heroines. Almost 20 years since she walked onto our screens and the woman is still bringing the heat. Let's hope FOX takes note: 

Special agent/doctor Dana Scully was the tough-woman pin-up of 90s sci-fi TV. The sceptical counterpart to her partner, agent Fox Mulder, (a true believer in the paranormal) she confronts all manner of strange phenomena, from secret alien invasions and kidnappings to graphic experiments, and was hailed by The Huffington Post as 'one of the most iconic characters in the science-fiction genre.'

Head over to the article and give Scully the five star rating she deserves. And while there you might notice some familiar faces--including Carrie Mathison from Gordon and Gansa's Homeland. Scully is among some good company, though no one else will ever hold our hearts quite like she does.

Unless there's a "Milagro" situation happening, in which case, someone call 911...


The latest round of the LAX-Files auctions is coming to a close on eBay. That means you have only three days left to grab some awesome and unique merchandise. There are items from Breaking BadArmy WivesThe Lone GunmenThe Walking Dead, and of course The X-Files

All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society in honor of Kim Manners, so head on over to eBay and grab yourself something cool. 




Vulture is trying to determine the best TV drama of the past 25 years. Can we show them that X-Philes mean business when it comes to voting? Round 2 has started and The X-Files is up against HBO's The Wire. Voting is taking place on Vulture's Facebook page. Vote on the picture comments. So head over and start putting those little fingers to work and vote for our show!

Check out the full article directly on Vulture for all the nice things they had to say about The X-Files.

tallmanposter2William B. Davis is a busy man. And he has yet another movie premiering in theaters this year. Image Entertainment has just acquired U.S. rights for a theatrical release of The Tall Man starring Jessica Biel alongside Davis.

The film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and has been very well received. The Tall Man is a thriller about an unidentified abductor who takes children away never to be seen again. It is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seat.

The film was directed by Pascal Laugier and it also stars Jodelle Ferland, Samantha Ferris and Stephen McHattie.

Head over to The Street to read the full article on Davis' new thriller.



The entertainment business in Berlin has been suffering from multiple industry follies such as; writer's block, ephemeral series, and an "extreme case of the Mondays where nothing seems to go right.” Luckily, the producers of long-time running American television shows such as Frank Spotnitz, producer/writer/director of The X-Files, as well as Neil Baer (Law & Order), have been tapped to attend the European TV Drama Series Lab 2012 in Berlin. Frank Spotnitz and other producers “will describe the importance of a showrunner in US productions.”

“The event, organised by the Potsdam-based Erich Pommer Institut in association with MediaXchange, is spilt across two workshops, taking place on April 24-29 and June 9-15.” The first workshop will focus more on narrative structures of series (which is where Mr. Spotnitz will be) while the second module is dedicated to exploring the US concept of the writers room.

Click here for more info! 


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