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While we were away, we managed to get some awesome goods for your entertainment, and what can be better than a great conversation with the enigmatic Annabeth Gish?

This experienced actress, who has been in our Phile minds as the quirky and brave Agent Monica Reyes, has taken under her wing a great portfolio of acting experiences that she has been brewing since childhood. Many parts come to mind, like the naive teenager alongside Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza, one of the first daughters to President Bartlet in The West Wing, our very own Monica Reyes on The X-Files and her most recent venue in TV as a troubled wife in Brotherhood.

Coincidentally, our interview with Annabeth was scheduled for the same day we scheduled an interview with another Phile favorite and also Annabeth’s: Mr. Agent Doggett himself, Robert Patrick.

Just out of luck, another role in Annabeth’s life took over: Her wonderful kids Cash and Enzo came first in her list of priorities, and we can’t praise enough the good work of a good mom, but in a second time at our “Skype experience” we sat for 45 minutes and the first topic that came to mind was the recent loss of X-Files Extraordinary, Mr. Kim Manners. 

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Most of us only know Alison Groves as the one behind the window of the Big Light Social Network (BLSN). She’s the bearer of gifts and the bringer of news. Most regard her as our SN mother, and Alison is just that. Early this year Big Light Productions impregnated Alison with an idea that gestated like an alien for months until on May 19, 2008 when Alison give birth to a success! Now with 743 members, her first-born has grown and begun to take its own steps, but not without her guidance. Alison is there to nurture, and at times, cover its mouth.

As an expert Big Light loiterer and all-around Alison admirer, I stopped by her drive-thru in an attempt to get to know the brain behind the Big Light social network. Tasty?

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