It's been awhile since I wrote a blog for XFN. Articles, sure...featured videos, I am all over those, but it's been a long time since I sat down and wrote out what I was thinking, or feeling about this fandom.

I've been a part of XFilesNews since we opened in 2007 and it's been an incredible, beautiful ride. The friendships we've forged together, not just with ourselves as staff members of this site, but with all of you, are truly priceless. We've built this worldwide family together. We raise money for charity together. We respond to natural disasters together. We call someone halfway around the world to check in when we haven't heard from them in awhile. We squee like the fangirls we are (some of us louder than others, and yes a boy can totally be a fangirl), but we're this huge bunch of sisters, brothers, cousins, mothers, and fathers.

I've had the priviledge of knowing so many of you; seeing you get married, have children, land that awesome job you always wanted, or the scholarship that allows you to go to the college you want. I've tweeted with teenagers online who love the show because their parents loved the show. Sometimes I step back and think, really think, about what all of this has meant to me over the last almost five years, and it kind of takes my breath away.

This fandom is more than a fandom. It's a family. We may speak 30 different languages but we all understand the one universal language we share; Phile.

So as I sat here today thinking about all of this, I kept thinking that I don't want to give this up, and I decided that I'm not going to give this up. On September 10th, during XFN's X-Files Tweet-A-Thon, we will all be speaking as one, loud and clear, because we want to believe again.

I believe in us, and I believe in Fox. After all, Fox is Phile too.