Best Tweets
Best Tweets

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Sorry, We couldn't resist! Today was such a great night for us at the Global Rewatch! Seriously, seeing new faces every night is fantastic. Thanks for bringing all of your friends over to our living room, now... pick up all those candy wrappers from the floor! 

Just kidding!

Anyways... here are the best tweets of the night!

Today's episode in our Global Rewatch was "Ghost in the Machine", and we were pleased as always to see so many of you turn out to watch with us! This fandom rocks our socks. There were seven different rewatches happening through the day, and people that even watched twice! People that waited for friends... people that changed schedules to accomodate for others... This is why we do this, X-Philes. Because you're an amazing community that has a lot to give to each other!

Now off to our featured tweets of the session! See you tomorrow for fandom favorite, #XFRewatchIce!

You guys are so diligent that it hurts! Today was the turn for "Shadows" - one of the most creepy episodes of this first season. 

Check out the excited and thorough tweets from the X-Philes. The best of the best!

What would happen if your crazy partner took off with a savage woman? Would you go rescue him? Mulder is too lucky and certainly Scully is too loyal! X-Philes gathered online today for X-Files' 5th episode of the first season, and their commentary is delightful as always! Here are your best tweets.

Ready, X-Philes!?

You guys give the BEST commentary to our global rewatch! And what a day to have one! The X-Files was all the world could talk about! Check out which tweets made the cut today, and see you tomorrow for yet another date. If you want more information about our upcoming live-tweeting sessions, the upcoming episodes slated and much more, visit our XFN Activities Calendar.


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