Best Tweets
Best Tweets

I bet no one really thought that "Rush" would be one of those episodes you really want to re-watch, right? But X-Philes - or, we must clarify - shippers kind of prove you wrong. All in all a great monster of the week, with flirt!action all over the place.

Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchRush.

Oh "Millennium"......while it was wonderful to see Frank Black step into an episode of The X-Files, there's really only one thing everyone remembers about this episodes. Philes had a lot to say about that kiss! Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchMillennium.

Told from the monster's point of view, "Hungry" is an unusual monster-of-the-week. But read on to see what Philes may have found more eye-catching than the monster's teeth. Here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchHungry.

"Sixth Extinction II: Amori Fati." Constants. Touchstones. A whole lot of tears and a whole lot of best tweets.

Can you believe we're into Season 7 already? The season kicks off with a heartbreaking mytharc episode. The bright side? Machete-wielding Scully! The bad side? Diana Fowley's back. Here's what the Rewatch Crew had to say about #XFRewatchSExtinction.


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