In anticipation of the return of The X-Files in just over a week, the fandom is teaming up to help spread the word about the series' return. The Philes over at The X-Files International Portal have organized a type of social media 'flashmob' to help promote the show. Interested in joining? Well here's how to get involved:

  • Print this flyer (see above) about the FBI's most unwanted agents, Mulder and Scully.

  • Put the flyer up around your city or town (on poles, advertising boards, in cafes, cinemas, shopping malls etc.)

  • Take pictures of the posted flyer and share it on all your social networks with the hashtags #FBIMostUnwanted and #TheXFiles.

  • Include information about your location in the photo description. 

  • The most interesting photos will be shared on the Portal's social media

Mulder and Scully return to FOX on January 3rd, so there's precious little time to spread the Truth.



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