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In case you missed it, last Sunday a new episode of The X-Files aired on FOX. For us here at XFN, and perhaps to you as well, this was a Very Big Deal. It’s been a long time since a brand new episode of The X-Files aired on television. A very long time actually. “The Truth Parts One and Two” - the final episodes of season nine - first aired on May 19th, 2002. That made it 13 years, 8 months and 6 days between that episode and the first airing of “My Struggle”, the first episode of season 10. An incredible 4,999 days in total. That’s a long time to wait, and while we Philes may have sat patiently waiting for the return of Mulder and Scully to the small screen, the world has marched onwards. People have been born (perhaps you’re one of them) and died. Wars have been fought, discoveries made, and much, much more. To help put things into perspective, we rounded up a list of just some of the things that have happened in those nearly 5000 days since we watched Mulder and Scully spoon up on a motel bed in Roswell. Fair warning: this post will make you feel old!

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