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Quick! Name the first fanvid you ever saw. Can you? If you're lucky, like me, the first fanvid you ever saw was a good one and it got you started down a rabbit hole you've yet to emerge from. For me, it was "Injection" by Fox Estacado and it wasn't just good, it was amazing. I stumbled across it on MySpace and from that moment on, I was obsessed. So much so, that after I had replayed the vid 500 or so times, it sent me on an X-Files rewatch that to this day, hasn't really ended.

The video is about Scully's evolving beliefs concerning the existence of extraterrestrial life, as well as her struggle to come to terms with Mulder's unorthodox research and her own need for scientific proof. Her dialogue contrasts with her experiences to show how her beliefs are slowly being challenged by their quest. Events such as Mulder's illness and abduction fuel her independent search for truth. Their investment in the X-Files leads them to become the very proof they sought. Not only are they investigators of the conspiracy and alien races, but become key players in a global--and universal--plot for the eventual rehabilitation of the earth.

This is not your average schmoopy X-Files fanvid. While the relationship is clearly there, it's not the focus and it's a refreshing change. It must be at least ten years old, but this video stands the test of time. If I could have only one fanvid wish, it would be for FoxE to remaster this puppy with HD footage. One word to describe this video? Epic! 

Happy #FanvidFriday!


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