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LAX-Files Author and XFN Correspondent Erica Fraga sat down to talk to the always lovely actress Sheila Larken. As you all know she played Margaret Scully on The X-Files, among many other TV and Movie roles.

Enjoy this very candid and rare interview from her and R.W. Goodwin's home.



Look also for R.W. Goodwin's interview to follow this one.



I remember when I discovered X-Files News. I remember the feeling so clearly that I can vividly feel the smell of my office. They had cleaned the floors with some lavender cleaner and someone had burned the coffee in the break room down the hall. That's not quite important right now, but in retrospect, it was probably the most remarkable moment of my life.


It really was, I just didn't know it, yet.


I wasn't lucky enough to be part of the founding team of this website, but I joined shortly after. The long hours that come with working at XFN became second nature; the constant thinking and planning, all the cork and dry erase boards, all the ideas scribbled in napkins, and the heartache and the rewards of being part of a fandom that outweighs any other in enthusiasm, intelligence and ambition.

X-Files News turns five today. According to the Center of Disease Control, if we went to preschool, we should be able to recite the alphabet by now, name colors and numbers and hop on one foot for extended periods of time.

I'm happy to say that we seem to be healthy students. We have excelled at this by practicing out favorite request: Greenlight XF3. Many of you have joined us in our constant chant for this desire and we're delighted to be in such company.

The CDC adds that by now a five year old would also be prone to have friendships and can tell what's real and what's make believe. As years went by, we've sailed through many ventures. We have grown and learned a lot since we first set ourselves up to be part of this website and this community.

Our initial objective, back when Holly Simon brought XFN to life, was to inform the fans of a movie that had six years in the making. We would then learn the ups and downs that entailed that production; we were excited with every new discovery, and with every new spoiler. We were excited to see Mulder and Scully again.

From informing you the latest news about the X-Files Cast and Crew, to organizing charity campaigns and fan initiatives, Skype files marathons, fan events, we have been part of an ongoing education that always leaves us room to keep wanting more.

Since then, XFN has also reached to other arenas, inspired by the show and the people that feed us with creative energy, and so we dared to come up with XFN Productions - our own production company. Just a small thing that challenges us to dream of other ways to service this fandom but also keep going and exploring this ever changing community.

It is my belief that one of the most important things that this website has allowed us is the opportunity to relate to each of you, finding understanding and support that makes this such a wonderful experience.

I don't think we say it enough, but we would be nothing if it weren't for the very supportive community that we feed from. The X-Philes are the most resilient and intelligent fandom there is, in my humble opinion. I know that every fan community will say this about them, but we have the chops to speak about our road in the fandom universe. We're fans of a show that premiered over nineteen years ago, and instead of dying down, we keep getting stronger.

This is why XFN will be here until we see this through, and we're not alone in this. That's what makes us strong as a fandom, and that's what makes us proud to be part of it.

Along the years organizations such as Big Light, Grupo The X-Files Chile, X-Files Memories, X-Philes in Japan, X-Files Memories, LAX-Files, Akte-X, IBG, X-Files Russia, XFU, Haven, Area 42, Club X-Files Argentina, Club The X-Files Mexico, X-Philanthropy, Back to Frank Black, Beyond The Sea and Aussie X-Files Fans on Facebook have been part of this community's struggle to guarantee our presence.

We've been blessed with the opportunity to count with the support of all of you and even the studio, and the cast and crew of the show. You have been nothing but generous and gracious when it comes to relating to the fans and that's not the norm.

I know there are more of you around the world that have hopped with us in this train along the way, and I apologize in advance for forgetting to mention you, but know that you're present in every plan that we explore, in every email that we read, in every frustration, in every moment of candid happiness.

That's when I realize that we also have learned how to recognize what's true to us. Time might pass, sometimes leaving us tired and breathless, even making us lose hope, but the resistance to let go will always be there. That proves to me that the people that share our beliefs are in this for the right reasons, and this doesn't come lightly. You folks are here because you've learned that this show is not just another empty hour of entertainment in the programming of a network, but it's been the school to many of you that have dared to dream beyond it.

Many of you have become scientists, artists, writers, law enforcement agents, directors, producers, researchers, philosophers, to just quote a few. In a nutshell, all of you became truth seekers on your own realm, because you were inspired in part by the dream of someone that dared to believe in something that seemed intangible once, and now is part of this world's cultural footprint.

I will be forever grateful of the people that have joined our venture within our ranks. The time spent in this little hobby of ours comes with great sacrifice and we often forget that it comes with a price, mainly because we've learned that the amount of satisfaction that this gives us could not be rewarded with money. In hindsight, I think if we were paid to do this it probably wouldn't hold the same value that it does.

So to our body of reporters, editors and general staff around the world, that disregard time zones and sleep patterns, bills and time apart from your families, I wish there was a bigger word I could use to recognize your tireless commitment to XFN and the phile nation. A THANK YOU will have to suffice for now.

I hope that this milestone will mark the beginning of many projects that are still to come to fruition; and there are many on our list, especially that little one known as XF3. 2012 might have sneaked up on us, it might have shown up before we even noticed, but it doesn't mean in any way that is a sign to quit this fight.

One of the things that sometimes go unnoticed or forgotten is that each and every one of us at XFN is still a fan at heart. One of those people that will pop in Fight The Future, recite the lines and smile when we see our heroes fight the good fight. Each of us is as excited as any of you. Don’t forget that. Our hearts leap and race every time we relish on the memories and the possibility of more X-Files to come. So to quote that man that always inspires us, "Don't give up!" because we won't.

Happy 5th anniversary to my XFN family, wherever you are and whenever you are; I'm proud to lead this team of fighters, and honored to be among you. You have made me who I am, and I hope I've served you right.

Twenty years ago, on March 6th, 1992, in the fictional world created by Chris Carter & Co., Mulder and Scully met on a messy basement office at the FBI headquarters in the Hoover building. We know, we know, your lives changed ever since, and so did ours. In the four years and counting that X-Files News has been online, we’ve had the pleasure of being of service to what we believe is the Best Fandom in the World.This is why, on this important date, we decided to celebrate by reopening our doors to you guys with X-Files News, version 4.0.

In all of this time, we’ve come across many of you. We’re proud to be part of this fandom and you make us want to keep working hard, not only to keep the old school fandom alive, but also to introduce the show and the movies to new fans and generations that fall in love with what the Cast and Crew of The X-Files once poured their hearts on.

It’s because of the power of this fandom that many things come to fruition, like the many X-Phile driven charity drives that have helped dozens of causes worldwide. We’ve also carried a tenacious campaign for a 3rd X-Files movie to come to life and we continue to share and create online into what has put us among the top of the most active and representative fans in the history of Television and Movies.

On Nov. 2009, Tiffany Devol and Avi Quijada took Frankenbear The Bear to his final destination and now adoptive "Father", Mr. Frank Spotnitz.

Inspired by the kindness of his namesake, after a trip 9 months long, and visiting over 20 different countries and hundreds of X-Files Fans, Frankenbear managed to create a community experience that allowed philes from over the world share a sentiment that conquered distances.

As a final perk of this feat, Frankenbear also raised awareness and gathered donations for the UCLA - Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center.


Erin Furnia is not at all what you would expect. She’s a wife and mother who moves her young brood every few years while her Army captain husband deploys for a year at a time. Even on her own in a house full of kids she maintains she’s always been a geek.

“I’m a music lover and I think I’ve always been vidding in my head. As far back as I can remember, I was listening to songs and visualizing scenes with them from my favorite shows and movies. I distinctly remember back when season 2 or 3 was on the air, thinking ‘In Your Eyes’ by Peter Gabriel was the perfect Mulder and Scully song and had it completely laid out in my mind.”

Erin joined the online X-Files fandom in 2006 where she discovered fan videos.

“I was amazed that there was a way to express what I was seeing in my mind and even more shocked that there were others doing the same thing. The rest as they say…”

Most X-Files vidders are known for their particular style and Erin is no different. She is known for videos that use very few effects and is not flashy in her editing.

“I believe great videos are able to evoke emotion and convey a message by having perfect clips paired with well-placed cuts and using every bar of the music to its fullest potential. So much can be said with so little, particularly with the ‘X-Files.’ So for me, the music is the focal point and driving force in my videos whether it is lyrical or non-lyrical. As a viewer, the music can make or break a video and that’s where a huge part of the self-expression of making videos comes in. My choice in songs and style reflects how I interpret the show or the emotion I’m trying to express between the characters and it certainly doesn’t resonate with everyone, which is okay. What is so wonderful about this fandom is there is always someone out there who shares your vision of the show. When I finally commit to using a song for a video, I listen to it incessantly and study it for a while. The lyrics, the timing and rhythm are all vitally important and it takes me time to absorb it and start piecing things together. I am by no means a fast vidder.”


Created in 2007, we’re the only fan news website authorized by 20th Century Fox to advertise The X-Files franchise since 2008. Know more here.