fixedX Philes Talk X Files Podcast Logo 300x300For those of you who don't already know, we've teamed up with David T. Harwood of the X-Philes Talk X-Files podcast to celebrate the entire history of The X-Files! Members of XFN's team guest star each week to break down episodes, get into philosophical discussions on how Dana Scully tears masking tape, and quiz each other to see who gets to keep their Phile card!

Since we recently revamped our site here at XFN, we are a bit behind in bringing you the awesome. To make up for it, we are bringing you not one, but 5 podcasts this week! That's right, you now have 5 reasons to listen to us go in depth into seasons 1 and 2, and laugh at us when you know a trivia question before we do!

Have a favorite scene in seasons 1 or 2 that you are dying to know if someone else loves as much as you? Then give us a listen!

We will be bringing you a new episode every Friday, so be sure to check back with us each week.

For now, please enjoy Episodes 2 - 6 of X-Philes Talk X-Files after the jump!


It's been a long hiatus for The XFN Studio, but we're back and for real good reasons!

Enjoy a candid chat with Mr. Vince Gilligan where we discuss his amazing new show Better Call Saul. Tiffany Devol and Avi Quijada also weigh in on the latest hype about the #XFilesRevival.

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