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Latest News

In order to celebrate 25 years of The X-Files, IDW Publishing are releasing a new series: Case Files.

The Case Files banner will be made up of numerous micro-series featuring X-Files stories taking place across the show's timeline. Unlike their previous ongoing X-Files series, Case Files will not have a dedicated creative team, but will instead feature stories and artwork from a number of different writers and artists.

Issue #1 of Case Files is titled "Florida Man..." and will be released in April. It is written by Delilah S. Dawson who most recently wrote Star Wars: Phasma and features artwork by Marco Castiello (DC Comics). 

In “Florida Man...” Scully and Mulder are sent to a small Florida town to investigate a rash of bizarre crimes only to find themselves in the clutches of an alligator-worshipping cult.

Stay tuned for more news on upcoming issues to be released. 



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