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In a couple of articles published today by TV Wise and TV Line, we've got confirmation of the finalized deals for these scribes. These are the details:

  • According to TV Line, following what we had already reported in our interview with Chris Carter in March, Glen Morgan and James Wong signed their contracts and will be writing and directing an episode each. Glen Morgan will also serve as an Executive producer, as we had reported. 
  • As has been reported by various sources, including both TV Line and TV Wise, Vince Gilligan and Howard Gordon are not expected to join due to schedule conflicts. 
  • According to TV Wise, Darin Morgan has also signed his contract and will be joining their team, also confirming what Carter teased in our interview. Contracts for Annabeth Gish and Robert Patrick haven't been confirmed nor denied. According to TV Wise, Scorpion's production schedule might keep Patrick from joining the revival.
  • Gabe Rotter will produce, according to TV Wise.

Click on their links for the full articles. and you can also read the summary of what we know so far - HERE.


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