The season two premiere of Better Call Saul is almost upon us, and in preparation AMC has released two new teaser trailers and a behind the scenes look at the series. The show hit it big last year, earning praise from critics and fans alike, and we can't wait to watch as Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) continues his descent (or is that his rise?) into his Breaking Bad persona of Saul Goodman. 

Hit the jump for the goodies. 


The first promo is slick, taking place in a seedy Mexican restaurant as a Mariachi band plays. We tour the joint before landing on Jimmy who wears a baseball cap and is sipping on a drink, looking like he's undercover and waiting on someone. The phone rings, but he lets it ring out. The promo doesn't reveal much but it certainly gets our juices flowing.

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The next promo delves into slightly more detail, showcasing snippets of Jimmy as he seems to slip into Saul. "I have been doing the right thing for all these year and where has it gotten me?" Jimmy asks Kim. "Nowhere," he answers for her bluntly, before the promo gives us a succession of quick cuts. Mike has a job for him, somebody has faked evidence, and Jimmy asks who among us is without sin. Are you excited yet? You will be after you hit play. 

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Finally, AMC brings us a behind the scenes look at season two featuring Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, Michael McKean and executive producers, Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould and Melissa Bernstein. "Things get dark and things get big," Peter Gould promises, and Vince Gillians says it remains to be seen whether Saul Goodman is Jimmy's true persona. The creators also promise the relationship between Jimmy and Kim will be explored more in depth this season. 'Shippers rejoice! Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we can't wait to see how Jimmy's relationship with his brother, Chuck, plays out in season two. "Everybody loves Jimmy and it baffles Chuck," says Michael McKean.

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"Until we meet again," promises Jimmy as the preview closes.

We can't wait! Season two of Better Call Saul premieres Monday, February 15th. 

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