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When we last saw our favorite X-Files agents, Mulder was emerging from a sewer system clutching the ilbal and Scully was storming a New York hotel room with a team of armed FBI agents. Read behind the jump to find out what happened next with our look at Topps’ The X-Files #11; “Feelings of Unreality: The Ancient of Days”.

061915 Hannibals3e3 HannibalBedeliaFireplaceThis week’s Hannibal is impossibly good, and as season 3 gets into full swing with "Secondo," we find Hannibal and Bedelia’s ever complicated relationship growing more interesting by the second. Will is back too this week and is on the hunt to unlock Hannibal's past. How did Hannibal become what he is? "Secondo" will take us down that path to discovery.

AquariusMainPhotoDavid Duchovny's Aquarius is really hitting its stride. Week 4 brings us episode 5, "A Change Is Gonna Come." And changes are definitely happening for Sam Hodiak.

Last week the detective and Grace Karn rescued a very high Emma from the Manson house. Emma was not exactly thrilled to be headed back to her parents' home. Are the Karn's going to change into one big happy family now that Emma is home? Last week Hodiak was riding high, having solved a murder and kept his promise to Grace to rescue Emma. Will his hot streak continue? Find out after the jump. 



On this week's Millennium Monday we take a look at "Wide Open" in which Frank ponders home security, and whether or not the world is as dangerous a place as we believe it is. Read behind the jump to read our recap.

061215 Hannibals3e2 WillLooksHannibal continues its shock and awe brand of storytelling with the horrifically beautiful "Primavera." Last week, we were treated to a taste of what Hannibal has been up to since leaving Baltimore and it was simply exquisite. In this week’s episode, Hannibal will have more than just Bedelia’s potential disloyalty to contend with as the events that unfolded in Baltimore, along with Hannibal’s distance past, are about to catch up with him.


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