U.S. Naval Base, Camp Delta - Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
6:05 A.M.

That's where everything starts in this issue. Someone has escaped the complex and guards are closing in on the escapee. The man repeats to himself the coordinates that will get him to freedom, but he has to go into an area that's riddled with landmines. Is not too long until he steps on one; the telltale click before the explosion reveals his location to his captors.

121 STILL 1

Scorpion is racing to the finish line of their first season and the latest episode, rightfully titled "Cliffhanger" brings everyone to the edge of their seats.

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If “Pimento” dropped the bomb then “Marco” was the fallout. Brother, betrayal, Belize (Shout out to the Breaking Bad fans).

B also stands for bender, and boy did Jimmy … ahem… break bad this week. It was a quieter episode than last week, no murder, no mayhem, no big cliffhangers, but it was also no less enjoyable as Vince Gilligan and Co. ended an outstanding first season with Jimmy finally realizing what the universe has been trying to tell him: Go West.

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This week on Scorpion, the team has to protect a witness that’s due to testify in court against a dangerous drug cartel. Things don’t go as planned and they have to come up with their best tricks to help her escape.

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Everyone get pumped! Another issue of the "Elders" multiparter is out and we're enjoying it so!

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