MLM 2Our fourth Millennium recap looks back at S01xE04 - "The Judge". Read after the jump to check it out.

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Better Call Saul continues it’s outstanding opening season with “Hero” and it’s possibly my most favorite episode to date. Slippin’ Jimmy gives us a glimpse into the past, Present-Jimmy’s resistance to the dark side cracks, and Chuck takes a terrifying journey… to the other side of the street.   S’all good, man!

Apologies for the late post, but I was down with the plague. Or possibly the flu. Let’s go with the plague. It’s much more dramatic.

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022315-sc117-01Scorpion's "Going South" has the team flying to Mexico for less than pleasurable reasons. A kidnapping, internal drama and the sacrifices made for love are the themes for this week.

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Our third Millennium recap looks back at S01xE03 - "Dead Letters". Read after the jump to check it out.

Topps Recap Header

Our bi-weekly look back at the classic X-Files comics published by Topps in the mid-1990s continues with issue #3: "The Return". Read after the jump for our recap.

Title: The Return/A Little Dream of Me
Writer: Stefan Petrucha
Illustrator: Charles Adlard
Published: March 1995
Currently Available:X-Files Classics Volume 1


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