Tonight’s Better Call Saul felt like the first ‘real’ episode. It contained a solid formula: a solvable case to keep him busy for forty-five minutes, and the setup for future episodes. “Nacho” managed to maintain a good balance of drama and humor, and like the previous two episodes, left me hanging for more.

With every turn Jimmy takes in trying to keep on the straight and narrow, he can’t help but seem to divert more and more off the path of righteousness. Having seen Breaking Bad and knowing where his character ends up, it’s both compelling and amazingly frustrating to watch. You just wanna grab the guy and smack him about the head, telling him to run! On the other hand, Saul is such a great character that you almost can’t wait for Jimmy’s inevitable downfall.

I imagine that going into this show blind, it might be slightly less compelling, but truly, this show really shines on its own and I don’t think that not having seen Breaking Bad should stop anyone from watching Better Call Saul.

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Welcome to the episode where I thought all my ships would get together and my dreams would come true… that’s if, you know, this show were ending today and we weren’t being set up for what will be more of the clever plays Scorpion brings every week.

Episode 1x16, entitled “Love Boat” marks the comeback after a three-week hiatus and on a timeline that puts us splat in the middle of Valentine’s Day celebrations. But this is Scorpion, so you know that this won’t be your conventional love fest.

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With episode two of Better Call Saul, the path that leads Jimmy McGill to becoming his alter ego Saul Goodman seems to be all laid out; the stage has been set. Though the show draws heavily on the style and aesthetic of Breaking Bad, it's become clear that while the characters of Jimmy and Walter might share some of the same acquaintances and locations in the story of how they became the anti-hero, this is where their paths diverge.

Taken by itself, "Mijo" might leave some a little underwhelmed, but watched together with the pilot, the two episodes form a cohesive whole and the perfect setup for Jimmy's journey. If you're looking for Breaking Bad: Part Two this might not be the show for you. However, if you're looking for great storytelling in the style of Breaking Bad, well, welcome to your new favorite show.

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