As a metaphor for the daily struggles we all face- trying to balance expectations, commitments, jobs, and family with our wildest dreams and wishful thinking, “Bali Ha’i”, the sixth episode of Better Call Saul is a solid and derisive look at modern life. Once again, Jimmy takes something of a backseat as Rhea Seahorn and Jonathan Banks are left to shine as Kim and Mike.

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BCSposter201Sometimes a show can benefit from backing away from the lead and focusing on its side characters. “Rebecca” did just that, once again twisting our perspectives about characters we thought we had come to understand.

Capped off with a moving montage, this week’s episode of Better Call Saul was mostly about Kim and her efforts to restore her good name at HHM. Combining that with some moving backstory from Chuck and a decision to make for Mike, and we were served up a meaty episode focusing mainly on characters new to the world that is Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad.

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Last time we saw Mulder and Scully, they were at Camp Williams in Bluffdale, Utah. They’d been tracking suspicious activity that led them to discover that Cantus has been hiding a magnetite mining operation on the military base. Mulder had taken off with a whistleblower journalist to check out a possible entrance to the complex and Scully had stayed behind with the journalist’s partner. But things went awry.

Mulder’s sidekick gets controlled and killed by Gibson as he delivers one last threat and Scully gets attacked by the man with her who turns out to be a faceless alien.

But now onto "End Games, Part 2."

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It’s been awhile since our last Throwback Thursday where we look back at The X-Files Topps comics of the 1990s. When we last left them, Mulder and Scully were investigating the disappearance of several scientists at a meteorological research station near the infamous Brown Mountain and had come face to face with a mysterious, floating red orb. Read after the jump to discover what happens next in “Night Lights Part Two”.


Jimmy is slippin’ but Mike’s holding strong. For now. Though both characters are straddling the fence between good and evil, this week’s episode focused more on Mike, giving us a deeper understanding of what makes him tick and leaving us to wonder what final straw will make him break bad.


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