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Scorpion's winter premiere rolled out on Monday, January 4th and it came with smashing numbers! The sophomore show delivered one of it's strongest episodes yet and promises to up the ante as the year unfolds. But what exactly happened this week? 

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With the beginning of the new year, Robert Patrick’s hit show is also coming back with its winter premiere. The episode puts us back into a reality where Walter O’Brien has been through some pretty serious life altering events.

Before you delve into the newest episode of Scorpion, we’ll give you a small rundown and review of the first half of the season.

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mithcabcFor fans of The Man in the High Castle’s imagery, episode six is one of the strongest episodes yet. As an added bonus, the character development and story chugs along nicely, letting our actors give stellar performances. My favorite episode to date, “Three Monkeys” is what makes High Castle stand out above the rest.







XFXM 1Is everyone done unwrapping presents? Did you eat all of your leftovers yet? Have you finally settled down and picked up some great new reading material? Well, if you haven’t already, I recommend you pick up The X-Files X-Mas Special 2015 and then lay back with some egg nog.

Come to think about it, I didn’t have much egg nog this year and should totally remedy that! Maybe with my 5th read of this great release.

As in previous special editions, this issue contains two stories: this time the main one follows along the The X-Files: Season 11 narrative, and the second is a sneak peek into the upcoming 2nd volume of the prose anthology being curated by Jonathan Maberry, The Truth is Out There which we will review in due time.

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mithcabcThe fifth episode of The Man in the High Castle, “The New Normal,” puts the series back on track after its brief foray into the wild-wild west and ups the ante on all the narrative arcs, delivering both visually and through the storytelling. 

Juliana returns home, only to discover new clues that lead her closer to unravelling the mystery behind the films. Meanwhile, Joe faces a tough debriefing upon his return home. Kido begins his investigation into the events surrounding the Crown Prince's Speech while Tagomi and Wegener make a last-ditch attempt to complete their mission. 






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