This week on Millennium, Frank Black visits North Dakota in an attempt to prevent the birth of a psychosexual killer who has been mutilating horses. Read our recap of "Broken World" after the jump.

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Did you catch this week's Scorpion? We did and here's our recap and review! Click after the jump for our rambly thoughts about "Cuba Libre"

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When we last left Mulder and Scully they were facing an ultimatum: which one of them would die first? Read after the jump for our recap of “Home of The Brave” Part two: “A Question of Ownership”.


This week on Millennium, Frank Black faces his demons, more literally than most people. Find out more after the jump in our recap of "Powers, Principalities, Thrones, and Dominions".

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So, guys… Scorpion is back and my Monday routine finally feels complete. Last season we left a convalescent Walter O’Brian at the hospital after a huge ordeal. Cabe Gallo saved him, putting to rest all that bickering about trust we’d had in the last few episodes. He was also done with Homeland Security. Toby and Happy seemed to be in a promising situation. Paige had decided not to move with Drew, and Ralph was delighted… oh, yeah and she also kissed Walter while he slept.

It was a pretty hectic season finale and I just gave you the bare essentials. Now hit after the jump for our recap and review.


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