"Lazarus" is one of those episodes that delivers quite a valuable dose of back story. This time around we find out some from Scully's past, and Mulder's reaction to these facts that not only are part of their current case but also put their lives in danger.

X-Philes took it to twitter, not only to discuss any initial impressions when watching for the first time but also sharing their insight as they reflect in how pivotal this episode becomes to understand someone like Dana Scully and Fox Mulder's impending fascination with her.

These are the best tweets of the day from #XFRewatchLazarus.


"Gender Bender" is not an episode for everyone. Some love it, some hate it, but a true X-Phile-In-Training has to watch it!

Tonight there were tons of you out there with so much witty commentary and so many new faces! These are the best tweets of the night from #XFRewatchGenderBender.


We hope that you had a buddy to hold onto while watching this highly emotional episode! 

Here are the best tweets from #XFRewatchBeyondSea!


With "Fire", we get to meet the infamous Phoebe Green. I know, everyone's favorite character. What? No? 

Laughter aside, this episode is one of the most memorables of the show, not only because it starts showing Scully's protectiveness towards Mulder but also because it builds up to that Unresolved Sexual Tension that The X-Files is so famous for.

We're so glad that you enjoyed tonight's rewatch and tune in tomorrow for the epic rewatch of "Beyond The Sea". Follow along with the hashtag #XFRewatchBeyondSea.


What is it about creepy children that make us so... uneasy? Is it the fact that we're so easily drawn to think that they have to be good no matter what, they're "just little girls!" - or so they claim!

Tonight's #XFRewatchEve was hosted by yours truly and the amazing Kelly from @TheTVMouse. And boy did we have fun! But so did you! Here are the best tweets of the night, and keep it going. Tomorrow is #XFRewatchFire; while XFN won't host, we can't wait to see what you've got!



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