Ready, X-Philes!?

You guys give the BEST commentary to our global rewatch! And what a day to have one! The X-Files was all the world could talk about! Check out which tweets made the cut today, and see you tomorrow for yet another date. If you want more information about our upcoming live-tweeting sessions, the upcoming episodes slated and much more, visit our XFN Activities Calendar.

Another night, another fantastic episode of The X-Files rewatch! Here are some of the best tweets of the night by some of our fellow X-Philes for our viewing of Season One's third episode "Squeeze". See you tomorrow!

We kicked The X-Files Global Rewatch on July 4th, thanks to the calendar put together by Reverb Press and that we adopted to provide hosted live-tweeting sessions. The first one had the commentary of yours truly, and it was so much fun! These are the best tweets from some of the X-Philes that came in to have fun for this first live-tweeting event.

We bring you a compilation of the best tweets by your fellow X-Philes for 01x01 "Deep Throat". Some of these were made during the live session our Global Rewatch and others while the fans watched on their own. To check out our upcoming sessions, peruse our calendar for all the details! Hope you enjoy them and tune in tomorrow for the next episode up.




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