What is it about creepy children that make us so... uneasy? Is it the fact that we're so easily drawn to think that they have to be good no matter what, they're "just little girls!" - or so they claim!

Tonight's #XFRewatchEve was hosted by yours truly and the amazing Kelly from @TheTVMouse. And boy did we have fun! But so did you! Here are the best tweets of the night, and keep it going. Tomorrow is #XFRewatchFire; while XFN won't host, we can't wait to see what you've got!


We've watched TEN episodes so far, X-Philes! Together, as a family, a very quirky family but hey, everyone has a crazy uncle, right? Like Max Fenig... or Mulder.

Today's #XFRewatchFallenAngel was one diverse rewatch! Many new faces and are we delighted! Remember, starting on August 1st, we will synch up with @TheXFilesFox advertised timeline, for more details, please read our full write up.

In the mean time, enjoy the witty commentary for tonight's episode!

Another Sunday, another episode and Dr. Joselyn Rojas (@JossaDosBichos) held our hand while rewatching "Space!"

Here are today's best tweets. So much snickering, so little time.


Tune in tomorrow, Dr. Rojas will host #XFRewatchFallenAngel with us!

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Sorry, We couldn't resist! Today was such a great night for us at the Global Rewatch! Seriously, seeing new faces every night is fantastic. Thanks for bringing all of your friends over to our living room, now... pick up all those candy wrappers from the floor! 

Just kidding!

Anyways... here are the best tweets of the night!



Tune in tomorrow for #XFRewatchSpace. We're serious, for reals. When you rewatch the whole show, you watch the whole show.

Today's episode in our Global Rewatch was "Ghost in the Machine", and we were pleased as always to see so many of you turn out to watch with us! This fandom rocks our socks. There were seven different rewatches happening through the day, and people that even watched twice! People that waited for friends... people that changed schedules to accomodate for others... This is why we do this, X-Philes. Because you're an amazing community that has a lot to give to each other!

Now off to our featured tweets of the session! See you tomorrow for fandom favorite, #XFRewatchIce!



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