In the spirit of the season, we unapologetically present to you this ridiculously schmoopy nugget of Christmas cheer. Dear Santa...

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Happy #FanVidFriday!

Counting Stars fromHumanEvolutionMutant recaps all that we love from our favorite series alongside a fantastic song.

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Happy #FanVidFriday!

With the holidays fast approaching and the revival soon upon us, there's slim pickings in the fanvid world at the moment. But never fear because there is a virtual buffet of classics for us to feature. Like this gem from our very own Roilegh Ollson! Enjoy! 

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Happy Fanvid Friday! 

Snakey's at it again, tugging on our heartstrings and toying with our emotions. Enjoy Crazy in Love! 

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And don't forget to let us know in the comments if you've found a great new video we need to feature. 

Today's video is a study in simplicity. There's no fancy effects, no coloring, and no transitions. Just a great song, and some well placed footage and voiceovers from the show. Nevertoolateo295's "I See Fire" showcases what we all loved about The X-Files: Stunning visuals, great storytelling, and an unforgettable parnership. Go ahead and watch. I dare you not to feel nostalgic. 

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