We step back in time this week to revisit a classic. Pieces by Pheobecolefan was an instant classic and if you haven't yet seen it, run, don't walk, to watch it. Enjoy!

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Happy Fanvid Friday! 


The world might be going a little bit loopy but there is one constant. Mulder and Scully are "Wonderful" just like this week's featured Fanvid from msimbam19


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Congratulations to Gillian Anderson on a great run as Blanche Dubois. And kudos to CandiceIsSuperSwell for making this incredible tribute to Gillian. Make sure you check out her channel as there are some other amazing fanvids there too! 

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Happy #‎FanvidFriday, all!

This Fanvid Friday we thought we'd go with something a little fluffy. So when we saw a new vid from FluffyReed... well it had to be kismet. Enjoy! 

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There are some vidders out there who make us stop everything we are doing, gather close to our screens and hit play immediately. JojokersinaXF is one of them. So when we saw a new X-Files vid from here after a long drought, well, obviously it was no contest who we would feature this week. Enjoy this lovely, angsty, look at Mulder and Scully through season 10 which explores their feelings about William. 

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Happy #FanvidFriday! 


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