Are you guys over Ghouli yet? No? Well, step right up and join us to relive the pain and suffering, and all that is Gillian Anderson on her A-game. This weeks video is simple but packed full of punches. Serah Sanguine delivers all the best parts of Ghouli into a concise, pain-filled package set to instrumental music. It's horrifically painful. Enjoy!

Happy #FanvidFriday!

Is it the song? The classic clips? The perfect insertion of voiceovers to add impact to the scenes? The smooth editing? Maybe it's a combination of all of the above. Whatever the reason, today's #FanvidFriday selection is sure to tug at your heartstrings and send you into a fit of nostalgia for XF days gone by. Enjoy "Black Flies" by Vesita and don't forget to check out her channel.


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Today's #FanvidFriday selection left me with a happy sigh and feelings that all is right in the world. Why? you ask. Because though Scully may be voicing concerns about where our favorite duo is headed in the future, an evidence-based study to the tune of "Making All Things New" by Aaron Espe makes it perfectly clear these two are going nowhere but home to each other. Always. End of story. Enjoy this heart-melting vid and don't forget to check out chanellenah's Youtube channel. 

Today's fanvid is a beautiful tribute to our favorite couple. The editing is gorgeous and the song, "Salvation" by Gabrielle Aplin, is a great choice to go along with all our favorite shippy scenes. Don't forget to go check out cloisluverr16's Youtube channel for a couple more vids. Happy #FanvidFriday. Enjoy! 

There was much angsting over today's fanvid. New or old? Schmoopy or action-packed? And then today's choice was suggested and there was no more angst. "Serenata Immortale" by Narvinek was an instant classic and to this day is in all of our Top 5 fanvid picks. So, without further ado... Enjoy and have a happy #FanvidFriday!

And don't forget to make all the pretty new fanvids with all the pretty new Season 11 footage that's about to drop!

Happy #FanvidFriday!


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