So what was life like for Mulder and Scully while they were on the run after "The Truth" but before we meet up with them again in "I Want to Believe?" Vidder Jackie Is Boring explores that storyline in this week's amazing fanvid.




Our poor, poor babies. So much pain, so much suffering. So much pretty. Enjoy "I wouldn't change a day" by Alightonahill.

{youtube}SMRopBQ0hDY {/youtube} 

So. Much. Pain.


This week's Fanvid Friday selection hurts so good! Enjoy "I found" by Downpour.

{youtube}QQix5trhWuU {/youtube} 



Words cannot express how much we love this video. There's no revival footage but the slick editing and great song choice more than makes up for it. Enjoy You Soul by downpour.


{youtube}Yjp7sqkqZvc {/youtube} 



This week's Fanvid Friday pick gave me all. the. feels. With one episode left to air, I for one, am hoping Mulder and Scully say sorry and live happily ever after. Sorry is by â™” UnderValuedOriginal â™”.


{youtube}XtHsCconQes {/youtube} 


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