“Came Back Haunted” kicks off what promises to be an exciting ride in part one of a five-part series. Though mainly a setup for what’s to come, the issue is fast-paced and has a foot placed solidly in current events, tethering the forthcoming myth arc to reality.

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Origins 1

Last week, IDW released issue one of The X-Files: Origins, a four-part comic series that will explore Mulder and Scully as teenagers. Each issue is double-length and features two separate stories, one focused on a 12-year-old Mulder living on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, the other on a 13-year-old Scully recently moved to San Diego. Read after the jump for our review of issue one.

XFiles 05 reviewWhen we last left the dynamic duo, Dana Scully was in trouble, her car having flipped, and her life on the line as a crazed stalker with a vague connection to her deceased father, William held her captive. Somehow, the man has a supernatural connection in regards to the affair Scully’s father had with a woman he met during his service in Vietnam. Part one left me hanging, excited and hoping for answers.

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Annual 2016 Header

IDW continues their summer tradition of releasing a one-shot X-Files Annual with a new story set around the 2016 revival series. Penned by Andrew Aydin (the U.S. politician and writer of March - the story of congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis) and drawn by Greg Scott (The X-Files: Year Zero) and Wes Dzioba (Star Wars), the story combines some subtle X-Files nostalgia with modern-day conspiracy theories and good old-fashioned alien hunting in the New Mexican desert. Read after the jump for our review of "Illegal Aliens".

STL011365 600x910The X-Files #4, “Ishmael” - part one, deals with a dark family secret, long kept close to the vest by Scully. The past comes back to haunt her first in her dreams and later, in real life, as her father is toppled from his pedestal and a paranormal threat is raised. I raised a skeptibrow™ï¸ or two regarding the secret, but I have nothing but respect for the way it was ultimately handled by Joe Harris and Co.

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