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We're not going to elaborate... hit after the jump for our recap & review.

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"The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat" is the fourth episode of this eleventh season. Mindbending and provocative, wrapped in a veil of humor, just the way that Darin Morgan likes to tell us stories.

What did you think about it? We certainly had plenty of opinions. Check out our recap and review after the jump.

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Okay, X-Philes. Has everyone taken a deep breath after what we suspect have been numerous rewatches? We know it's been quite a gratifying night for many! Still, we're here to mull about this episode, just like any other, because this is what we do.

"Plus One" - written by Chris Carter and directed by Kevin Hooks is the third episode of Season 11. It got the show trending heavily in various hashtags on Twitter and Tumblr definitely is having a field day with it. 

Click after the jump for our thorough Recap and Review. As always, heavy spoilers ahead.


A little late to the rush but here's our recap and review of the second episode of season 11, entitled "This" and written and directed by Glen Morgan. 

Go ahead and click after the jump, but be warned, plenty of spoilers abound.

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It's that time again. With the premiere of The X-Files "My Struggle III," we venture out to recap and review the newest installment of the mythology of the show.

Written and directed by Chris Carter, the episode picks up on advancing the events of last season's finale, but under a different light. 

Whether you've watched the episode already, or this is your first time learning these facts, beware of extensive spoilers ahead. To read our thorough recap and review, click after the jump.


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