Best Tweets
Best Tweets

Drama on the high seas! "Vienen" begins with Mulder and Doggett at odds but ends with mutual respect. It also marks the end of a few eras on The X-Files. This is the last time we see the black oil on the series. It's also the last time we see Mulder in the basement office and as a working FBI agent. Amazing to think we'll be back in the basement in just a few short weeks with Season 10. But for now, here are your best tweets!

It's the last rewatch of 2015 so why not go down on the ship of feels? "Empedocles" finds Scully in the hospital again but we can forgive that because of all the sweet moments between her and Mulder. After the confusion of the previous episode the banter is back, baby. Agent Reyes is also back on the scene, investigating a possible connection to the death of Agent Doggett's son, Luke. We get to see our two believers work together which makes for an interesting dynamic. Here are your best tweets!

It's "Three Words" but not those three words. Mulder is back but struggling to fit in. Scully seems shy and a little sad, and poor Agent Doggett doesn't know what hit him. The X-Files as Mulder knows them, and as we know them, will never quite be the same. But I think seeing our dynamic duo back together again in any way helps dry those tears of the last few episodes. Here are your best tweets!

Back in 2001, when "This Is Not Happening" aired, Philes had to wait six whole weeks to see "DeadAlive." Luckily for the Rewatch Crew, we're not into the type of sadomasochism favored by 1013, so we only waited a day. That didn't really help with the pain though.

Check out the best tweets from tonight's #XFRewatchDeadAlive. They can be summed up by feelings, full capitalization, and sad photos of Scully's face, but you'll probably want to take a look at them yourself. 

Everybody still standing? I don't think you ever forget your first viewing of "This is Not Happening." How many of us were screaming "No!" right along with Scully at the end of the episde? It's intense, emotional, terrifying, heartbreaking and made all the more powerful by wonderful performances from all the actors, not to mention Mark Snow's score. "This is Not Happening" was the highest rated episode of Season 8, and the Rewatch Crew reminds us why.

Here are your best tweets!


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