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Best Tweets

Now we know we have one more reason to hate Kersh. He was the one who told Mulder to leave. Doggett is kept alive by Supersoldier-slash-mermaid-slash-warrior-princesss Shannon McMahon, and Brad Follmer continues to be a slime ball. Scully continues to run remarkably well for someone who just had a baby. And what were they really doing on that ship? The Rewatch Crew sorts through "Nothing Important Happened Today Part 2" in today's best tweets.

And so begins Season 9. We know it's not everyone's favorite but the Rewatch Crew has your back. We start off with "Nothing Important Happened Today Part 1." The new kids in the X-Files office, Doggett and Reyes, discover just how hard it can be to bring these shadowy forces to justice. Kersh is being Kersh and we meet Brad Follmer. Lucy Lawless stops by as a bad ass super soldier. And what of Mulder and Scully and their beautiful family? Well, let's just say I've never been so sad over a shower in my life. Here are your best tweets.

So raise your hand if you're still crying! Season 8 has come to an end and Mulder and Scully's lives are forever changed. While we celebrate the birth of William and that "truth we both know" we know the path ahead for this little family is full of heartache. But for now let's just enjoy that joyous moment at the end of the episode when all is right with the world, if only for a short time. Here are your best tweets from "Existence."

"How did this child come to be?" Well Mulder, if you have to ask.... We're almost to the end of Season 8! In "Essence", the first of the season-ending two-parter, Scully sits through the world's most awkward baby shower, does some excellent at-home doctoring, and oh yeah, has to go on the run because someone or something is after her baby. This one is a nail-biter from start to finish and the Rewatch Crew doesn't miss a beat. Here are your best tweets!

We're so close to the end of Season 8, and "Alone" marks the end of another era. Scully heads out on maternity leave and Doggett wants to know when she'll be returning to the X-Files divison. We didn't know then that it would take another 15 years! We're also introduced to Agent Leyla Harrison, who was created in honor of the Phile and fanfic author Leyla, who died of cancer in 2001. Frank Spotnitz, who wrote and directed the episode, had been in contact with Leyla before her death and paid tribute to her with the character. Agent Harrison also gets to ask the question on behalf of all the heck did they get back from Antarctica? She doesn't get an answer from Mulder and Scully, but XFN's own Roileigh Ollson and Jessa Schlitt may have figured it out here

Here are your best tweets!


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