Best Tweets
Best Tweets

"Underneath" takes us back in time to investigate a case from Agent Doggett's past, bringing with it lots of questions. Who really killed those people? Could Doggett be right that the science is wrong? Did he used to work in Manitowoc County? Check out the best tweets from #XFRewatchUnderneath. 

"Audrey Pauley" is a stand out episode for Doggett and Reyes. Both Annabeth Gish and Robert Patrick delivered some stellar performances that had everyone feeling the pain during tonight's rewatch. So Philes, are you a dog person or a cat person? Or do you just not care and want them to kiss already? It's a tough choice. While you make up your mind, check out the best tweets from #XFRewatchAPauley. 

"Providence" is the heartbreaking conclusion to yesterday's "Provenance." With it, the episode brings more questions and concerns about Baby William Nolastname. Doggett's injuries also bring out some serious emotions, particularly with Reyes. Brad Follmer is still a jerk though. With that being said, here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchProvidence. For some reason, serious emotional pain really brings out the best in you guys.

Tonight we kicked off the last two-part mythology arc of the original series with "Provenance." The mysterious spacecraft rubbings and artifacts from Season 6 and 7 are back but instead of tormenting Mulder, this time they have an effect on baby William. Scully once again finds her son's life threatened and sends him off to safety wtih the Lone Gunmen. Of course this being The X-Files, nothing is ever safe, especially a tiny baby. Here are your best tweets.

This is a case that will really get under your skin. In "Hellbound," Doggett and Reyes investigate a series of brutal murders where men are skinned alive. If that isn't creepy enough, Scully makes a connection that suggests reincarnation which ends up tying Reyes to the case more deeply than she could have ever expected. Here are your best tweets!


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