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Welcome back, Rewatch Crew! It's been a while since we've gathered together for an episode. Almost 2 years have passed since our global rewatch ended. And we're excited to count down with you all to Season 11 on January 3rd. "My Struggle" premiered on January 24th, 2016, and had the tall order of establishing where the characters had been for 8 years, bring new fans up to speed, and satisfy long-time fans as well. Revisiting the episode after some time has passed makes for an interesting perspective. We would also like to note the passing of Rance Howard. He played Mulder's "old man" informant. Howard passed away this morning at the age of 89. Not everyone thought the episode hit the mark but there is plenty to enjoy as well. See what your fellow Philes thought in your best tweets.

Well Philes, it's been a long and crazy ride. Tonight marks the end of a long journey. We've now watched 208 episodes and 2 films together and it's been a blast reading through all your thoughts and sharing your excitement. The X-Files Season 10 came to close with "My Struggle II" and emotions are still running high. This episode centers on Scully's journey and the realization that she could be the one to save us all with her alien DNA.

We get another Mulder Ditch, an epic Mulder fight scene, the return of Tad, Einstein, Miller, Monica Reyes, and oh yeah, the Cigarette Smoking Man. A global pandemic, SCIENCE, a giant UFO, and THE CLIFFHANGER TO END ALL CLIFFHANGERS round out the hour. This episode definitely brings out very strong reactions and opinions in everyone who watches. The tagline tells us "This Is The End" but is it really? For now, until we know for sure about Season 11, I'll say "here are your best tweets" for the last time. It's been a great ride.

Well.....what can we say about "Babylon?" The X-Files has never shied away from controversial topics and this fifth episode of the revival packed quite a few of those into one hour. From terrorism to religion to Mulder and Scully's doppelgangers this episode was all over the map. As was the fan reaction. Some of you loved Mulder's mushroom trip and the new agents Miller and Einstein but not everyone found "Babylon" amusing. Though I think we mostly agreed on the "squee-ness" of the porch scene. In this case I think it's best to let your tweets speak for themselves!

If you're reading this, then you survived Glen Morgan's beautiful, terrifying, heartbreaking "Home Again." Or perhaps you're like me and your ghost is reading this. Cause of death: Dana Scully's tears. "Home Again" takes a hard look at how we regard our fellow human beings and how much we really know about each other. A mysterious figure called the Band-Aid Nose Man murders people associated with a program that's trying to relocate homeless people in Philadelphia.

At the same time our hearts break along with Scully's as she loses her mother Margaret. Maggie Scully, played by the amazing Sheila Larken, was such a rock throughout the series, it's hard to believe she's gone. Her mother's death stirs up a lot of emotions and unanswered questions about William for Scully. Our agents solve the case but will they ever find closure for William? The episode ends with an emotional "conversation on the log" as Scully shares some of the most heartfelt feelings about William we've seen. Philes had a lot to say about this epic episode. Here are your best tweets.

We're halfway through Season 10 of The X-Files already and you could say we've been waiting for tonight's episode since 1996. That was the last time Darin Morgan wrote an episode for the series, and after seeing "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster" we can say it was worth the wait. "Were-Monster" finds Mulder having a crisis of faith of sorts. He feels like the world has moved on in his absence and chasing monsters might not be worth it anymore. What follows is an episode that feels like a love letter to long-time fans, full of Easter eggs and inside jokes. Mulder feels like Mulder, Scully solves the case, steals a dog, and in the end Mulder finds himself shaking hands with a monster and finds a part of himself that had been missing. Here are your best tweets.


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