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The Mulder and Scully relationship is kind of our bread and butter in the #FanvidFriday section of XFN but once in a while, a vid comes along that you have to put all that aside and bask in the glory that is Scully and Reyes. Its a friendship vid that pulls on all the heartstrings and we think you will love it. Our flails go out to Fumble Bunny for all the pretty and goodness.

Friendship, guys, friendship. Get your minds out of the gutter! Enjoy!

There's nothing that makes us more excited come #FanvidFriday time than a new vid from Snakey. Heather, aka Snakey973, never fails to deliver a sharply edited video with a banging song choice and a well thought out theme. "Believer" is no exception. Enjoy!

The HD content is crisp, the editing is top notch, and the song is simply lovely. Enjoy our #FanvidFriday selection, "You'll Never Be Alone," by Laxmachinee

Happy #FanvidFriday!

I'm pretty sure Lifehouse was formed as a band for pain and suffering purposes in fanvids. There's no couple better than delivering pain and suffering than Mulder and Scully. Thus, for #FanvidFriday today you should be warned that it's all pain and suffering all the time. Enjoy!

Happy Friday, Philes! Enjoy this classic serving of angsty goodness for your #FanvidFriday.



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