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As one of the comments of this video says: "that was totally savage..." We couldn't agree more! Enjoy this gorgeous tribute to Mulder and Scully by alittlemissfit52 and have a very happy Fanvid Friday. 



This week's video comes to you from the letter F for feels. All of them. RedQu33nX brings us another amazing video through "Dust to Dust" by The Civil Wars. Enjoy!

{youtube}uZjS8Rw06VI {/youtube} 


It wouldn't be a Friday with a new fan vid. This week we are featuring one from IceandFire who never fails to make us sigh with shippery enthusiasm. Enjoy!

{youtube}4etEOAkZoxo {/youtube} 


This Friday we're looking back to an instant classic. Enjoy "Travelled Through Hell" from Katrin Depp!

{youtube}v8PmyabqsV8 {/youtube} 


Take 4 Minutes out of your day to enjoy today's Fanvid Friday selection. And don't forget to visit Erica Perron's channel here

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