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There are times when the dark wraps around your soul and in a very strange way, it can be almost comforting. This is one of those times. Beautifully dark with a score that drives you through from start to finish, I Lived on the Moon, by prisonjokerXF, takes the very best of The X-Files and serves it up all raw and emotional.



Excuse us while we write this little post through our tears, because XFYellowbee is back to gracefully rip out our souls.



Dana Scully, inspiring girls in a boy's world since 1993. Video by the always amazing Snakey973.


We don't actually need words for this... all we want to say, its in this song.

20th Century Fox, and everyone involved... this is what we think. Your move.


Credits for this are listed at the end of the video. 

Thanks to every single one that participated in this project! We love this fandom.

As we get closer to December 21st/22nd, we find ourselves not only growing more and more nostalgic, but we are also having to mentally prepare for the beautiful videos and tweets that have been coming our way. That being said, we were in no way prepared for this week's featured video and while we started off with "Oooooh's" and "Awwww's" we quickly dissolved into tears.



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