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Nothing makes a Fanvid Friday a happy occasion like a new Snakey vid. As always the editing is flawless and the song (Sleeping at Last - Saturn) combined with our favorite 'ship will tug at your heartstrings in all the right ways. Enjoy!

{youtube}1qjKwK9QFDk {/youtube} 



This week's Fanvid Friday selection is high on the nostalgia and even higher on the sweetness. Francyphoebe has done an amazing job blending voiceovers and visuals and this video is definitely worth a watch. 

{youtube}8ooTD6biFpw {/youtube} 


The X-Files are a few of our favorite things and so when we found out that Li'l Red was following up her hilarious Orange is the New Black Chicken Rap Special with a parody of The Sound of Music's My Favorite Things, we let out a full blown squee. This song will be in your head for the rest of today, tomorrow, and probably until #XFilesRevival premieres.

Brought to you by Li'l Red and edited by XFN's Editor, Ky Johnson, My Favorite X-Files is 3 minutes and 53 seconds of musical awesome.


There's nothing like a little XFYellowbee to make you Fanvid Friday a little sweeter. And nothing makes us happier than all our favorite vidders making new videos in celebration of #XFilesRevival. 

{youtube}A22e4lwvve8 {/youtube} 

It's a great time to be a Phile. 



Just in time for the #XfilesRevival announcment, JojokersinaXF made a new vid, Lightning Strike. Enjoy this look back at everything The X-Files brought to the table wrapped up in a beautifully edited vid. Has this not been the best week ever to be a Phile? 

 {youtube}PJI5Yo7IjXg {/youtube}

Guys... guys... guys! We're getting new X-Files! Warm up your hard drives and sweet talk your favorite vidding program because all new material will soon be available for your vidding pleasure. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter if there's a new vid you think we should see or a new vid you've made and maybe we'll feature it in the weeks and months to come. Get to vidding, Philes, and hang on for the incredible journey to come!




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