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Does it make me a bad person to be happy when Mulder and Scully are sad? Not gut-wrenchingly the world is ending sad, just, you know... single-tear Scully, squinty eyed Mulder kind of sad. If it's wrong, then I don't wanna be right because then I'd have no use for today's Fanvid Friday selection. 

{youtube}yl6blU13PsQ {/youtube} 

Enjoy! Shoutout to a new vidder, rileycat111, for today's video. 

One day soon, Fox is going to give us a new trailer and us Philes are going to break the internet. But until that glorious day comes, we will be here faithfully scouring the internet for any and all new fanvids. Happy Fanvid Friday all! Enjoy this trailer from Kelly Lacroix

 {youtube}Rpcci9ViGD0 {/youtube}


Say what you will about Nickelback but there is one thing that has always been true: their song Far Away has been the go-to tune for Philes and the angsty vidding community since its release in 2005.

So, when I saw that the up and coming new vidder OTHandTITANIC had posted a new video, and that said video was set to the tune of Far Away, well... I was already halfway sold before I'd even hit play. Add in some gorgeous coloring, and a perfect mix of clips, and you've got yourself a winner. Or, as our Editor in Chief Avi Quijada flailed: "As I watch I feel that someone reached into my chest and squeezed my heart until all the feels had oozed out. Quite a graphic imagery but... two thumbs up for emotional manipulation." 

So happy Fanvid Friday, all. May you enjoy your feels manipulation! 

{youtube}YaOxSiEUeOM {/youtube} 


It was something of a dry spell when it came to new fanvids this week. But never fear, because there is a virtual truckload of amazing vids already out there on the internet and sometimes a classic is even better and more fitting for the moment in fandom. There's been much rumbling on social media, angsting and hand-wringing over our dynamic duo and whether they will be together come time for the revival. So this Fanvid Friday, let's let this classic vid from XFyellowbee soothe our fangirl souls, because when it comes to Mulder and Scully, love always comes back around.  

 {youtube}MGxGzWUCKs {/youtube}


It's a little late but I think well worth the wait for this week's Fanvid Friday. Enjoy this lovely new video from Tamalou86. Both the song from The Script and the video are entitiled "Flares". 

{youtube}wPfnK75gIgY {/youtube} 

Don't forget Philes, if you find a great new video out there, or even make one yourself, feel free to send them to us! Maybe we'll feature them in the weeks to come. Happy Fanvid Friday!




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